Momentum and the Ivy Lee Method

I have been testing productivity methods, trying to find the one that fits my lifestyle. While I was pregnant, having a Bullet Journal – a planner and diary in one was the best for me. Now with a toddler, my washi taping sessions are gone with the wind. 😭

Late this year in a YouTube vid, I was learned that one of the best ways to accomplish tasks is to plot them in a calendar – up to the specific hour. It was effective at first but there is one variable to the equation: my son and his erratic sleeping times. So there was one beautifully plotted week, complete with color coding… and in 3 straight days, my son decided to skip his afternoon nap. Productivity? ZERO

Daily, I start doing a task when my son is asleep or busy. Then, 10mins into it, my son will cry, ask for breastmilk, wants to play. Naturally, I will drop whatever I’m doing. Playtime may stretch to an hour or I end up taking a nap too (God Forbid) and when I wake up, my calendar’s cursor points to another task. Very very frustrating I should say.

I would need to be flexible. So I needed a productivity tool that’s lenient on time. I don’t want to go back on using a typical To Do List that has no time constraint at all. So I’m returning to the Ivy Lee Method. It will work well with the lifestyle I’m living now.

The Ivy Lee Method lists the Top 6 tasks I should do for the day and I must accomplish it in that order. I need to finish one before I move on to the next . So, even if I’m left with 2 hours of focus work, as long as I finish my top priority, I am guilt free. Then, I will transfer my undone tasks to the next day. The visual cue is perfect too as I love the feeling of ticking off boxes and writing the tasks down will enable me to think thru it as well.

The Ivy Lee Method is explained in detail here



Coffee Experiment

For 30 days I will monitor my coffee consumption and how it will affect my desire to wake up early 3:00am to 4:00am with less stress as possible.

The objective of this monitoring is to determine the right coffee for me (as instant coffee makes me sleep) and the most optimum time to drink it.


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My Accidental Digital Detox

My phone network service got cut off because I maxed out my internet allowance. And this happened on a weekend! Paying in advance and getting it reconnected asap was not an option since I’m avoiding my credit card of course. So for Saturday and Sunday, I had no personal internet.

I was working already when I first had a constant internet connection on my phone. I was happy with 3G back then. So when this weekend happened, it felt like college all over again.


My husband and I attended a wedding. I was forced to watch, talk and enjoy the event which was the best! There was a lot of lull time and I had seen so many new faces and heard so many people. Medyo overwhelming din pala. Hindi ako close sa mga kasama namin sa table kaya tahimik lang ako kaya super thank you sa mga nag attempt makipag small talk sakin. I honestly forgot the art of small talk. Terrible realization. It was actually easier to just observe everyone. Totally refreshing though.


I met my former officemates. Sobrang sarap ng kwentuhan as usual. They check their phones every now and then but for me, hindi ko magawa kasi alam kong wala namang internet at wala naman akong ittext. So instead of me reaching for my phone, I ate a slice of cake and drank coffee instead. Sarap grabe. Nakalimutan namin magpicture actually. But with real friends, I think a photo is compulsory, magmmeet din naman kasi kami ulit.

Now I’m back online, but I enjoyed being digitally detox-ed for a while and I’m planning to do it more often, busy myself with books and writing and creative work and let Romulo see / imitate it, para mawalan narin sya ng gana sa YouTube.

As a Mom, what tasks can I outsource?

A dear and good mom-preneur said to me: 95% or our tasks (as mothers) can be outsourced. 5% cannot be and that includes being a mom and being a wife. I was taken aback and I was forced to review my priorities that moment. And honestly, the realization didn’t feel good. I was neglecting my 5%.

Like in business, I cannot manage my household properly if all I do is scrub the floor or iron the clothes. The captain of the ship looks at the horizon, not on the water. However, I subscribe to the idea that basic knowledge is a must. A ship captain knows how to row of course and much as a housemaker knows how to properly cook an egg.

Outsourcing is delegating. And delegating is letting go – which most of us moms suck at. And when we almost faint out of exhaustion, we blame the husband and the kids for not doing their share of work…lol.. guilty?

Here are the tasks that you might want to outsource so you can concentrate on your 5%

(1) House cleaning (cleaning services, there are tons in IG)

(2) Laundry (local laundry services)

(3) Grocery Shopping (honest bee)

(4) Cooking (diet delivery) but cook for your husband as often as you can. It does wonders for the relationship

(5) Toys Shopping (toys subscription boxes)

(6) Day Care (kindermusik i have tried) I do not recommend getting a yaya for your kid. Always best if you can take care of the child on your own. I get too paranoid with yayas

(7) Transpo (grab/uber) when hubby is not available

(8) Buying tickets (online)

(9) Ironing Clothes – I am yet to see an ironing service here in the philippines so what I do is I buy clothes that are not easily wrinkled. And after the laundry, I hang the clothes up as soon as I can to lessen the wrinkles. Some of my husband’s clothes straighten up when hanged overnight so I’m pretty lucky

I am a late milennial so most of my needs I go online. I am also raised in a household with a bad experience with yayas/househelp so whenever there’s another person in the house I am always uneasy. More so if they stay for too long 😅

Parenting and Productivity do not (readily) mix

Before I had a son, I pride myself on ticking off every last item in my to do list daily. And like all new parents, being suddenly “unproductive” is a sucker punch at the end of the day. I catch myself lying in bed, the house still messy, errands still undone, and I am gddamn tired! Where did all my energy go??!

Even with this new responsibility, I did not give up. Maybe there is something missing with my productivity strategy… so I read more book about it, subscribed to more learnigs online…and guess what….my son is a year and a half now and I still can’t go back to ticking 100% of my To Do list.

I am yet to discover the holy grail to go back to my ultimate productive self now with a child….and as of now, I am in the acceptance level of my journey that maybe (just maybe) parents are supposed to be unproductive during the first few years of their child.

But this Productivity Holy Grail…What do you think it is?

How to Cram Christmas Shopping

Christmas in the Philippines is a lot more fun because of the gifts. We Filipinos, are shameful when someone gives us a gift and we do not have anything to get them. A generic pen actually is acceptable in exchange for an expensive shirt. Agree? After all, it’s the thought that counts.

But, as much as we want to meditate over what to give to our sister’s boss’ neighbor, there is just no TIME!

I do not want to be a hypocrite here and say plan plan plan. I tried, it takes a lot more time. So, given our holiday schedule, how do we cram Christmas Shopping?

(1) Special People First

They’re #1 in your life and it is only but fitting to get them the gift they really want. And since you know them much, it will not be hard to choose a gift. To save time and effort, it is actually wise to ask if they have the item already or if they still want it. And tell them you plan to get it for them on Christmas. This way, if they have any objections, you will know it as soon as possible. Chances are, they have also “canvassed” for the item and will tell you where to best buy it at the best price. Easy peasy, everybody happy!

(2) Personalized is the New Generic

If you do not know what to get for your friend, get a generic item like a pouch, notepad, mug then, have it printed with quotes / catchphrases like: “Lit!” “#girlboss” “YOLO”

And when you give it, you say: “This is perfect for you, I know you will like this” Which is true! You give the YOLO mug to your adventurous friend and the #girlboss pouch to your Curacha friend (babaeng walang pahinga kasi raket ng raket)

The item may be common but it will match your friend’s personality. Not generic at all!


Attach a note to the wrapped item so you know what is printed on it. This is also useful for “i forgot to get you a gift” moments. Prepare 5 extras of this

(3) Have it delivered

Delivery adds value and a little more “wow” to your gift. It feels like you can’t wait to give it. Also it also has 2 perks (1) you do not need to lug the gift around to the party, cramping your style and (2) an advance notice to your friend that hey I got you a gift already, do not forget mine!

(4) Shop once and Completely

4a. Bring a list and STICK TO IT – (no buts!) If you’re friends with a family, it will save time if you buy one thing the whole family can use (like a kitchen set or humidifier) or something for the kids. Parents are automatically happy if you get something for their kids.

4b. Decide on 1 mall or a one stop online shop. There are some malls/online shops that offer free gift wrapping and free delivery too if you buy in bulk.

4c. A week before Christmas is cramming already and if you’re not up to that stress, shop as early as the first week of December. It’ll give you enough time to wrap the presents if you plan to do it yourself.

TIP: Colored paper bags are time savers FOR soft gifts/items without boxes like shirts or bags

Oh and be careful with your cash. I suggest going cashless thru debit card (NOT credit card) *wink* to be safe from pick pockets and from overspending!